Meditation and your Health

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed? So stressed you could scream? It’s time to take control and learn the art of meditation. Meditation is where you take the time each day to focus your mind on a thought or an activity. This has been proven to benefit your body both mentally and physically. Let’s take a look at those benefits!

Daily meditation has these Physical Benefits:

-Decreases Tension (and tension headaches)

-Reduces Blood Pressure

-Boosts the Immune System

-Releases serotonin (which can improve your mood)

-Boosts your energy levels

– Reduces the severity and frequency of anxiety attacks.


If that wasn’t convincing enough take a look at the Mental Benefits of Daily Meditation:

-Helps you to achieve a clear mind

-Boosts your creativity

-Increases your happiness

-Reduces anxiety and stress

-Helps you to achieve mental health and balance

-and so much more!

Meditation is often thought or sitting quietly in a dimly lit room but in reality, there are many ways to meditate. Here are our top 5 favorites:

  1. Take a walk in nature. Get outside and walk through the woods. Take in the scenery and watch the birds. Turn off your cell phone and take the time to observe your surroundings.
  2. Drink a cup of tea: Nothing says relaxation more to us than sitting and enjoying a cup of tea. Do nothing but drink the tea. Enjoy the solitary moments as you sip your tea.
  3. Create: whether it is drawing, painting or knitting this can help you quiet your mind and release stress.
  4. Yoga: This is an amazing way to center your body and mind. Take the time to do an hour class once a week. Your body will thank you for it.
  5. Massage: Along with meditation massage reduces stress and anxiety (not to mention get rid of physical pain from daily stress). Monthly massages are great but be sure to practice self-massage at home!

Meditation can benefit your life in so many ways! We hope you give it a try!

Looking for help? Try the 21 Day Happiness Challenge! This is a change your mind and body will LOVE you for!

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