Meditation and your health

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Meditation is a great way to enhance your health. It is great for the mind and body to take the time to achieve MINDFULNESS. Let’s explore what meditation is and how it helps your mind and body as a whole.


Meditation is the act of meditating. Meditating is a relaxation technique where an individual thinks deeply for a period of time. This time focuses on one’s mind.


  1. Mindfulness: Meditation helps you become aware of your thoughts and heightens your focus. This translates to achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.
  2. Stress: Taking the time to devote to yourself through meditation will diminish your stress level. In fact, it reduces the cortisol in the brain! This hormone is called the STRESS hormone. Reducing its production reduces your stress!
  3. Weight Loss: Who hasn’t turned to food because of stress and anxiety? Meditation will reduce your stress levels and in turn your urges to eat “comfort food”.
  4. Anxiety: Many people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is the feeling of constant worrying and it can debilitate your quality of life. Learn how to meditate to combat these symptoms. Learn how with this Guided Video: Meditation for Beginners

Our day to day lives are crammed full with expectations and responsibilities many of which put stress on our shoulders! Chip away that stress by learning the act of meditation and incorporating relaxation into your daily life!

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