The Benefits of Massage During Cancer Treatment

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Going through cancer treatment can be a harrowing experience. The methods used to treat cancer are tough on the body and end up leaving an individual with many side effects like anxiety, sleep deprivation, pain, nausea and more. Utilizing massage while going through cancer treatment is a great way to alleviate some of these symptoms. Here are the benefits of massage during cancer treatment:

  1. SLEEP: Massage has been proven to help clients sleep better. Techniques used to achieve relaxation are carried home. Many clients note a weight being removed from their shoulders and the ability to get to sleep happens faster and easier.
  2. ANXIETY: Cancer is a very tough disease to treat. Patients often feel unsure causing anxiety and depression. Regular massage therapy sessions can reduce the severity of a person’s anxiety.
  3. WHOLENESS: Going to a massage therapist gives a cancer patient the ability to feel whole again. It is a safe place where they can share their feelings and emotions. A certified massage therapist helps clients work through their emotions with relaxation and muscle work.
  4. PAIN: Patients that are going through chemotherapy and radiation often are in pain. Pain is a symptom that can be corrected with regular massage therapy sessions. With a certified massage therapist pain management is adapted to your needs the day of the massage.

Massage therapy has been proven to help several different ailments in the body. For cancer patients it is important to keep a positive outlook and maintain hope. Massage therapy is a technique that will work with you to maintain the quality of life you want. Have more questions about what massage therapy can do for you? Ask #IHTVA Massage to fit your life.

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